Lance King is an internationally recognized author, teacher and workshop facilitator who, in the last 23 years, has worked with over 250,000 students worldwide as well as many thousands of their teachers and parents. He is the creator of the Art of Learning programme taught in over 300 schools in 34 countries and is a specialist in the direct teaching of 21st Century Skills. Within the International Baccalaureate Organisation he designed and developed the Approaches to Learning (ATL) framework for both the MYP and DP programmes which is currently being implemented in more than 4000 IB schools in 150 countries. He is a sought-after presenter for his workshops for teachers, students and parents and is also the author of six books on teaching and learning, two of which are now translated into Chinese, French, Vietnamese and Spanish. Lance is married with four grown-up children, lives in Raglan, New Zealand and divides his time between delivering workshops around the world and writing. 

Services provided by Erimus Education

What does your school or organisation need?

The Erimus Education team understands that one size does not fit all, and are happy to work with you to design the service that you need and want. Erimus Education offers a common sense approach to support which is honest and straight-talking. The list below gives an idea of the kind of services we offer: mix and match; combine; come up with new ideas. The hallmarks of Erimus Education are flexibility and meeting your specific needs. You choose!

We want to work with you in order to support student learning that will make a difference in the world. Together we are learning, evolving and living!

  • Three different ATL skills courses for students of different ages to improve the effectiveness of their learning, their motivation, their resilience and their academic achievement at school.
  • One after-school seminar for teachers to introduce the ATL skills and resilience building approach to teaching.
  • Two evening seminars for parents to help them to understand the ATL framework and how a focus on the skills of effective learning both at school and at home can help their children achieve greater academic success and achieve their full potential.
  • Up to three days of interactive workshop training for teaching and administration staff in ATL programme design and implementation - developing effective, resilient, self-regulated learners in the standard classroom.
  • Consultancy in ATL programme implementation.

In Partnership with Lance King

Erimus Education works in partnership with Lance King. Malcolm will deliver Lance King's student and teacher courses!

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Student courses: Learning about Learning; Exam Confidence; and Courage, Resilience and Failing Well. 

Teacher course: Teaching with ATL in Mind, with a free parent workshop included.

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