Services provided by Erimus Education

What can we deliver?

  • Active learning strategies
  • Inclusive learning 
  • Leadership analysis and mentoring
  • Growth mindset and marginal gains
  • Re-framing education and re-thinking approaches - ready to disrupt?
  • Authentic incorporation of approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Development or improvement of ATL in MYP or DP - documentation, training, sharing ideas - including MYP and DP unit planning
  • Curriculum and assessment audits
  • Evaluating your programme - MYP or DP
  • Advising on areas for improvement in implementing MYP and DP and meeting your mission
  • IB educator certificate - documentation
  • MYP-DP transition
  • The benefits of an IB education
  • Review of documentation for school improvement - supporting teaching and learning
  • Interdisciplinary learning - learning that leads to behaviour change and action​

Multiple delivery styles

  • Seminars, workshops or presentation
  • Visit from the Erimus team of consultants - experienced teachers and school leaders
  • Inquiry sessions
  • School evaluations - interviews, observations, feedback
  • Working with school leadership teams
  • Document review - mission, curriculum, assessment, planning
  • Desk-based or on-site
  • One day or multi-day
  • Partnering with neighbouring schools or as an individual school or organisation

What next?

Now that you have considered the kinds of services we can offer and the delivery style, get in touch! Go to our Contact Us page and we can start discussing what, when, how and where!

What does your school or organisation need?

The Erimus Education team understands that one size does not fit all, and are happy to work with you to design the service that you need and want. Erimus Education offers a common sense approach to support which is honest and straight-talking. The list below gives an idea of the kind of services we offer: mix and match; combine; come up with new ideas. The hallmarks of Erimus Education are flexibility and meeting your specific needs. You choose!

We want to work with you in order to support student learning that will make a difference in the world. Together we are learning, evolving and living!