"Having Malcolm Nicolson visit us from Erimus Education, was a hugely beneficial experience for our school. His approach is very much focused on helping individuals to identify key points for development through a coaching approach, encouraging and developing self-reflection. The insight he gains from his work with staff as well as his extensive knowledge of the IB curriculum and experience within schools meant that his feedback and final report, were of great value. Staff were energized by the visit and the leadership team has certainly benefitted from the external perspective. We look forward to future visits."

Kerry Gray (Vice Principal, International School of The Hague)

“Malcolm has a great vision for the future and how students can realise their own potential in shaping our world. His work can inspire this generation of learners to help create a more restorative and regenerative economy, through a project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum and meaningful connection to your local community.” Sara Heinrich (Schools & Colleges Programme Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

He led the MYP curriculum development department through a relocation from Cardiff to The Hague, and initiated and directed MYP: the next chapter after having authored History of the MYP (2010). Malcolm designed the new curriculum as part of a high performing team, a conceptual model with an emphasis on ATL skills. He was involved in the development of the new eAssessment model for the MYP.

In 2013 he moved across the office to become Head of Diploma Programme (DP) Development. He introduced ATL to the DP, revised all departmental review processes, and initiated research into student workload and flexibility in the DP. Malcolm authored DP: From principles into practice (2015) and worked with assessment colleagues to plan for the introduction of onscreen DP examinations.

Malcolm has a rich academic background: BSc. (Hons) Ecological Sciences from Edinburgh University, UK; PGCE (Biology and PE) at Newcastle University, UK; MA in International Education from Bath University, UK; and MSc in Energy and Environmental Management from Teesside University, UK.

In addition to being the Erimus Education company director, Malcolm has supported the development of digital publications, online PD, and is a critical friend and lecturer for the IB Educator Courses at Tsukuba University in Japan. Malcolm is the Chief Academic Officer for Tracker Apps, creating student-facing apps to support learning.


Publications by Malcolm Nicolson

"I have found Erimus Education to provide a personal tailor made and efficient caring service across a broad field of educational contexts. These have included consultancy work on school governance, assessment, teacher training and university master’s courses. I count Erimus Education as a valuable critical friend."

Carol Inugai-Dixon (Visiting Professor, University of Tsukuba; President of the Japan Association for Research into IB Education; Board member of Tokyo International School)

"Having Malcolm Nicolson work at ISHCMC was a very positive experience. He came well prepared for the requirements of the visit. Malcolm worked collaboratively with our teachers, visiting classes, observing practices and attending department meetings. He shared his wealth of knowledge with teachers in a constructive and supportive manner that has encouraged further development and growth. We will certainly be asking Malcolm to return to ISHCMC."

Adrian Watts (Head, International School of Ho Chi Minh City)

​"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Malcolm, he has the ability to motivate, drive innovation and provide key insight into development of educational curricula for the 11-19 age range. He initiated and drove the redevelopment of the MYP and completed the academic aspects of this work before spearheading the development of the Diploma Programme."

Andrew Mayes (DP curriculum manager at the IB)

Malcolm Nicolson, has a unique background that could enhance teaching and learning in your context. After eight years teaching and coordinating in IB programmes at NIST in Thailand, he became Head of MYP Development for the IB from 2007 till 2013 and Head of Diploma Programme Development from 2013 to 2015. Malcolm was responsible for curriculum development across MYP and DP, including all subject review for that period of time, giving a unique perspective on IB programme implementation.

"Malcolm's knowledge of the IB surpasses that of most internal and external staff. As a team we reviewed the IB Middle years programme, piloted and implemented the changes in hundreds of schools across the globe. Malcolm has an innate ability to inject humour and personability into the workplace, and creates an atmosphere of commitment and enthusiasm to any task performed in his team."

Danielle Veilleux (former MYP & Continuum curriculum manager at the IB)

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Four days of engagement on eAssessments with more than 50 teachers from five IB World schools in Pakistan were co-constructive, collaborative, purposeful, meaningful and strategically differentiated to meet the needs of all. Malcolm's intelligent use of culturally sensitive humour made the learning environment more cohesive and changes in innovative assessment methodologies more acceptable. This was indicative in the remarks of the teachers who not only expressed how their subject-specific queries were answered but also that they were now knowledgeable about the rationale underpinning the changes in IB eAssessments.

Taymur Mirza (Head, The International School; Acting Director General, Trust for Advancement of Knowledge & Education)