Malcolm Nicolson speaking at The DIF conference at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on 16 November 2016. What is the future of learning? Can we re-frame education in terms of skills, attitudes and experiences? How do we address the social and emotional needs of students?

Our goal is to support schools and organisations through bespoke services, to help improve teaching and learning.


Erimus is the motto of Middlesbrough, a proud industrial town in the north east of England. It means 'we will be'. This phrase encompasses improvement, resilience, optimism, hope, bouncing back - in other words a growth mindset - a set of skills and attributes that we can help schools and organisations to develop with young people as they grow personally and within local and global communities.

Welcome to Erimus Education!

Malcolm Nicolson, set up Erimus Education in 2016 He worked for the IB as Head of MYP and DP Development between 2007 and 2015 so brings a unique perspective to implementation of IB programmes. He leads the educational services for Erimus Education.

       Design your own bespoke Erimus experience:

  • Expert advice and mentoring
  • Seminars, workshops, document review, reports
  • Meeting your mission
  • School leadership
  • Standardisation of assessment
  • Supporting IB educator certificate documentation
  • Curriculum audit and quality assurance
  • Evaluating your IB programme
  • Supporting teaching and learning - ongoing school improvement
  • Approaches to Learning for students and teachers

Malcolm Nicolson speaking as part of the 'Change Makers' series of presentations, published 10 September 2017. In this brief presentation Malcolm discusses the unique needs of the adolescent learner.

Create an Erimus service to suit you!

Ruchira Nicolson, provides the team administration to ensure you get the best possible service. She provides logistical support.

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